Victor Vran

Developer: Haemimont Games Publisher: EuroVideo Medien Website: Victor Vran



I’ve watched over the Victor Vran game since I first found it being developed by Haemimont Games, and was very eager to get my hands on it as I have loved the Diablo games since I first encountered them and with aRPGs becoming ever more popular I see more and more popping up all over the place. I was excited to start my journey.

Upon first launching the game you are presented with a really well designed menu, giving you all the necessary options and one of them being my favourite these days: windowed borderless which I think is a must for any game, long gone are the days when the majority of gamers just have one monitor, I have to praise the developers for that.


Once you get into the game, you can’t help but feel the wow factor, the graphics and level of detail were amazing, the controls were easy to use and the dodge mechanic was invaluable, the user interface was simple but effective and the ambient and background music were enjoyable enough to actually leave on, rather than muting like I would usually do. At this point I was happy to continue, and started killing every monster I could see, which if you’re not a fan of spiders – you’re in for a treat, take all that anger out on these animate foes. I found out whilst being on my killing rampage that the furnishings of the streets I was in were destructible also, and this started me off on a bad path  making me take a detour from the plotted course, as I would destroy absolutely everything I could get near.

Whilst playing you hear your character narrate certain thoughts and things that happen, along with a friendly and hilarious unknown character you listen to called Voice. Which turned out to be my main enjoyment from the game.


The enemies you encounter, range in difficulty from super simple one-hit-kill mobs to some that actually are a little tougher, although I found almost every fight I fought to be rather underwhelming and subsequently had to increase the difficulty, hoping for more of a challenge. There are several types of weapons that your character can use and eventually you get the option to equip two weapons at once, I personally like to use the hammer and scythe which seemed to be the best DPS, at least what I saw.

Along with the standard weapons you have the ability to use special demonic type powers, although these require you to have the overdrive bar full, which can be done by defeating enemies or even wearing a certain outfit. There are also Destiny cards, that can be attained from levelling up or randomly drop from the mobs you kill, which you can equip that will help provide you with a varied set of bonuses that will help on your journey.


After only continuing for the occasional dialogue from Voice for a while, I decided to stop the game there. If I get more time, I will become the demon hunter Victor Vran again, and continue my destruction of all possible creatures and objects of Zagoravia.

All in all, Victor Vran was a pleasant experience, from the artwork, the story and gameplay. I did enjoy my time playing but ultimately I was left with the urge to play other aRPGs to compare the worlds and stories.


Victor Vran

Victor Vran

Fun Factor









          • - Beautiful artwork
          • - Amazing voice overs


          • - Click-fest
          • - Story was rather bland